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Secondary Research

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Civility in America 2019: Solutions for Tomorrow

Weber Shandwick, Powell Tate, KRC Research

"This year's study finds that Americans have a deep concern about the state of civility in our nation (93%)."

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How Incivility Spreads in the Workplace

Michigan State University

"According to estimates, workplace incivility has doubled over the past two decades and has an average annual impact of $14,000."

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Poll: Majority of Americans say civility has declined since

Trump elected

CNN Politics

“Only 6% of Americans believe the overall tone has improved in Washington since Trump was elected.”

Hands in heart


Positive Psychology News

“More than 60% of people who work in

uncivil environments experience stress.”

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Civility in America

Weber Shandwick

"CEOs have to be more accountable,

boycott uncivil companies, recognize social media’s role, stop incivility in media, use advertising to demonstrate civility"

Crowd Protesting

Panel discusses nation's decline in civil discourse

American Psychological Association

"It's often difficult for people of differing opinions to have meaningful conversations because there's no room for mistakes."

Civil Partnership

Can Civility in Society Be Regained?

Ethics Sage

"From 2011 to 2013, there has been an increase in Americans reporting they quit a job because it was an uncivil workplace."

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Americans know there's a civility problem. Do they want to do anything about it?


“People are growing comfortable in their echo chambers or retreating from discussing politics all together.”

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Incivility's Growing Risk

Risk and Insurance

“Workplace violence, a frequent outcome

of incivility, costs $4.2 billion dollars a year and claims 1,000 lives annually.”

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The Price of Incivility

Harvard Business Review

"25% of managers who admitted to having behaved badly said they were uncivil because their leaders were rude."


Americans believe civility is on the decline

NORC at University of Chicago

"Americans believe today's society is generally more ill-mannered than it was 30 years ago."

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Engaging our Differences more Constructively

National Institute for Civil Discourse

"A new online program that reminds Americans of our commitment to engaging our differences constructively is essential."

Election Flyers

New Weber report finds erosion of political civility harming democracy

Agility PR

"Nearly three quarters of the public agree

the problem [incivility] has gotten worse in recent years."

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An Antidote to Civility

Harvard Business Review

"Over the past 20 years, I've polled thousands of workers and found that 98% have experienced uncivil behavior."

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5 Things We Can Do to Promote Civility

in Society


"As reported by global management consulting firm McKinsey Company, workplace incivility is on the rise."

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